Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Goin' up North

I know that YOU and everyone else in the blogosphere have been dying to hear about my adventures and thoughts. Now you can! So favourite this bad boy right now.

For the next month or so I'll be blogging about producing an Inuit kids TV show in Iqaluit ('Cause that's what I'll be doing).

The show sounds very interesting, has been in production for the past 20 years, and has been described to me as "the Inuit Sesame Street." They have made interesting decisions regarding which animals to make puppets out of. They did not want to cutesify the seal or the polar bear because the area is still dependent on seal hunting and the polar is a very real threat. So the big puppet stars are a Lemming and a Raven.

The show became short staffed suddenly and I got a call to go pitch in.
I don't know what I'm in for up there so this Polar Bear oven picture might be appropriate.

Also, while in Nunavut I hope to find out all I can about Inuit Ear-pulling contests.
(Please see the picture I stole, at top).

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Hagen said...

I looked up the Ear plugging thing on google and you tube..man that looks painful... just don't do it....OUCH ..Looks more uglier then UFC...